Full Cleaning Commitment

Full Cleaning Commitment

Greater security, greater confidence

Today and every day, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in the industry. Now more than ever, our customers and associates deserve to know that we stand behind that promise with our Complete Cleanliness Pledge. Taking into account the recommendations of health authorities, and in partnership with the U.S. travel industry, we are committed to exceeding our already rigorous cleaning protocols, including strict disinfection procedures to protect the health and safety of all.

While we have always had a very formal training process that instructed all employees on proper vehicle cleaning, employees are now being trained to implement new and more comprehensive standards that include improved cleaning guidelines for vehicles, shuttle buses and offices, as well as social distancing practices.


It has always been important to us to keep our vehicles clean, but now we know that vehicle cleanliness is even more critical. We thoroughly clean each of our vehicles between each rental and according to our Full Cleaning Commitment. This includes washing, vacuuming, thorough cleaning and disinfecting with a disinfectant that meets the requirements of the leading health authority, with particular attention to the more than 20 frequently used items, including:

1. Remote control key and key fob
2. Steering wheel
3. Steering column
4. Center console
5. Air vents
6. Accessory panel/touch screens
7. Cup holders
8. Storage compartments
9. Door interior
10. Door pockets

11. Seat surfaces
12. Seat pockets
13. Seat belts
14. Interior door handles
15. Exterior door handles
16. Areas between seat and console
17. Areas between seat and door frame
18. Instrument panel
19. Rearview mirrors
20. Visor mirrors

We also have measures in place to immediately isolate and quarantine any vehicle if necessary.


The Total Cleanliness Commitment also extends to our offices. This includes throughout the day frequent cleaning with disinfectant of surfaces with which contact is made. This includes counters, phones, tablets, payment devices and handles, among other frequently used areas.

The cleaning guidance set forth in the Complete Cleaning Commitment is also aligned with the U.S. Travel Association's (USTA) "Travel in the New Normal" guide.

Employee welfare

Today, and every day, the safety and well-being of our employees and customers is our top priority. We continue to take proactive steps to ensure that we are helping to support and protect our employees and our community at large, while recognizing our important role as a provider of essential services.

For those who work in our offices, we remain absolutely committed to providing a consistent and safe work environment during these difficult and unpredictable times. We are encouraging team members to follow practices recommended by health authorities, such as frequent hand washing and staying home if they are sick.

We have also taken additional steps to ensure that groups are practicing best efforts at social distancing while working, including limiting the number of employees in an office or inside vehicles, avoiding large gatherings of employees, and encouraging employees to keep their distance from others whenever possible.