Are you about to take your first international trip? Do you already know what you should bring? Here we leave you some ideas of those accessories that can not miss in your suitcase, but before, always keep in mind the number of days you will travel, so you will not bring more, or overload your suitcase with things that in the end you will not use or will not bring you any use.

1. Always think of an emergency

A first aid kit with basic items such as band-aids, alcohol gel, absorbent cotton, gloves, masks, anti-inflammatories and medicines according to your ailments will not take up much space in your suitcase.

Find out what items airlines do not allow in luggage such as flammable liquids.

2. Carry a document holder

Always keep your personal documents organized and at hand, a document holder makes it easier for you, this will also help you to carry out the different procedures with agility.

Don't forget to bring pens to fill out documentation.

3. Always keep in touch

Bring a portable battery that allows you to keep your cell phone charged at all times, so you can communicate easily, look for directions and keep in touch with the place where you will be staying in case of flight delays.

A universal plug is also very useful, in case the outlets are different from those in your country.

4. Transparent plastic containers are an excellent choice.

Carry certain items for personal use in transparent containers and bags, this will not only help you find what you need easily, but will also speed up the process of checking your bag. For containers containing liquids, take into account the milliliters (ml) allowed by the airline.

Just as you read it, just a few accessories could help you prevent small inconveniences and make your trip a great experience.

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