Having your own space and traveling on your own schedule are some of the reasons why more people choose to rent a car. 

Many people believe that renting a vehicle only works for tourists arriving in our country or during vacation periods in order to travel more comfortably, but is this really true?

In fact, more and more people are choosing this method of transportation to get out of the routine, to go on a tour and celebrations with special people, weekend getaways with the family, also for unforeseen events with their vehicle and even for work reasons.

Decide to travel comfortably and safely by renting with Alamo.
Is renting a car in Costa Rica really worth it?

 If you love to live new experiences, here are some reasons why renting a vehicle is your best option:

  • Living in a small country, renting a vehicle (preferably 4x4) is the best way to discover unique destinations with wonderful landscapes. Going from the mountains to the beach will not take you long, as long as you choose the right routes.
  • Comfort is a plus and is non-negotiable, because you will be able to travel comfortably and move from one destination to another at your own pace, which will also help you to improve your mood, even on long trips. 
  • In the event of unforeseen weather changes or sudden road closures, you will have the opportunity to make a "plan b" unlike when traveling by public transportation.

With this in mind, are you ready to rent a vehicle for your next adventures?

At Alamo we have a large fleet of vehicles that adapts to your needs on the road, contact us!

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