The rainy season occurs in our country from June to November and is undoubtedly the least loved, especially by drivers, because as the rains increase, so does the risk of accidents on the road.

Although prevention and patience are your best companions at the wheel, we have taken on the task of providing you with a list of tips to prevent the risk of suffering an accident while driving.

Drive safely in the rain with our tips.
-Reduces speed

It is not only a matter of respecting speed limits, remember that depending on the amount of rain, visibility may decrease.

-Increases the safety distance

In the presence of rain, the vehicle will need more distance to stop, therefore, it is recommended to increase the distance to other vehicles.

-What to do in case of aquaplaning effect?

In the aqua planing effect, the tires cannot adhere to the asphalt, so you lose control of the vehicle. It is very important that you remain calm, reduce speed and keep the steering wheel steady.

Maintain a calm driving style

Avoid sudden speed changes and sudden braking.

-Avoid driving over marked road signs.

With humidity, tires lose adherence when driving on paint.

-Check the vehicle before use.

Verify that tires, brakes and shock absorbers are in excellent condition. 

Finally, drive with your headlights on and keep your windshield and rearview mirrors clean. These are valuable tips for reckless driving in the rainy season.

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