Can road trips really be a bad experience?

We know that there are many people who love long road trips and those who do not love long trips and driving for hours, tend to prepare in advance or even take a co-driver to take care of this task most of the time... Here are some tips to make your trip the best experience.

  • Position the seat correctly, at a 90-degree angle so that you travel comfortably at all times and avoid injury.
  • Never forget your hydration and bring healthy snacks for the ride such as bars, seeds, fruits, among others.
  • Plan the different routes you can take to your destination, this will help you to make a "plan b" for the different adversities that may arise on the road.
  • Rest enough before taking the road, this will avoid fatigue, drowsiness and therefore, possible accidents. On the road, it is recommended to rest every 2 hours, or whenever you need it.
  • Always travel with an emergency kit that includes: hand disinfectant, gloves, alcohol, band-aids, elastic bandage, gauze, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, cotton, anti-inflammatories, painkillers, medicines according to the ailments of each occupant of the vehicle.
  • Keep natural aromas in the vehicle that serve as stimulants such as mint, this will help you stay alert.
  • On the way, listening to your favorite music, podcasts or comedy audiobooks will help you keep your brain active.

 When traveling on the road with your pets, follow these recommendations:

  • Always keep your pet safe, avoid carrying it in the front seats, always use a carrier.
  • Always wear a name tag with contact information, name, address, conditions/allergies and medications.
  • Bring enough food and water to last you until you return from your vacation.
  • Bring plenty of plastic bags to pick up your pet's waste.

 Make the most of your road trips with Alamo! We give you the assurance that you travel in clean and sanitized vehicles every time you rent with us, you can also feel the peace of mind knowing that we take every opportunity to improve the health and safety measures currently practiced in our operations.

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