Costa Rica, known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, is no slouch when it comes to its cultural richness. Throughout the country, you will find national monuments that not only tell our history, but also offer a fascinating insight into our heritage. If you are a lover of cultural tourism, here are some national monuments that should be on your itinerary.


1. National Theater of Costa Rica, San José:

The National Theater is an architectural icon in San José. Its elegant structure hosts plays, concerts and cultural events. Take a tour to appreciate its design and the history it has witnessed over the years.


2. Guayabo National Monument, Cartago:

Immerse yourself in Costa Rica's rich pre-Columbian history by visiting Guayabo National Monument. This archaeological site preserves a group of pre-Hispanic architectural structures made of stone.


3. Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, Cartago:

The Basilica is located in Cartago and is an important pilgrimage site. The basilica was built in honor of the Virgin of the Angels and is a testimony of the religious devotion of the country.


4. National Museum of Costa Rica, San José:

Formerly a military fortress, the National Museum is now a cultural treasure. It displays archaeological artifacts, colonial art and exhibits that tell the story of Costa Rica, from its origins to the present day.


5. Church of Orosi, Cartago:

Founded in the 18th century by Franciscan missionaries, the Orosi Church is one of the oldest religious buildings in Costa Rica. Its colonial architecture and picturesque location make it a charming place to explore.


6. National Park of the Stone Spheres, Osa:

This archaeological site is famous for the mysterious stone spheres created by pre-Columbian cultures. This fabulous park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


7. Ruins of Ujarrás, Cartago:

The Ujarrás Ruins are the remains of what was the first colonial church in Costa Rica. Located in a picturesque setting, the ruins are a reminder of the country's colonial era.


8. Juan Santamaría Historical and Cultural Museum, Alajuela:

Dedicated to the national hero Juan Santamaría, this museum tells the story of the National Campaign of 1856-1857. It exhibits artifacts and documents that illustrate the struggle for independence.


Get ready for a trip back in time and discover the cultural richness that lies behind each monument! Exploring these national monuments will immerse you in the fascinating history and culture of Costa Rica, adding a unique dimension to your sightseeing experience in this beautiful country.


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