Dare to have new experiences spending a different weekend with the excellent options offered by the Caribbean.

If the beach is your thing, here is a brief list of unmissable beaches:


One of the best beaches in Costa Rica, for its white sand and crystal clear waters, has a viewpoint that gives you a spectacular view.

-Punta Uva:

It is a small beach with crystal clear waters, surrounded by vegetation and very little waves, just to take a few hours of sun with a good sunscreen.


It is characterized by strong waves and gray sands, in this beautiful beach you can observe the leatherback turtle nesting from April to August.


It has a small coral reef and moderate waves, in the surroundings you will find surfboards, bicycles and horses for rent to ride in the area.

-Playa Blanca:

It is located in Cahuita, its waves are strong so it is not recommended to swim in its waters. The point is ideal for diving.

-Puerto Viejo:

‍Ithas a marked cultural richness, an exquisite gastronomy and music that makes it even more attractive to both nationals and foreigners.

The Caribbean is much more than just a beach, here are some of the activities you can do when visiting the beautiful Caribbean area of our country:

-Tortuguero Channels:

‍Thesecond largest wetland in the country, it has great biodiversity, where sea turtles nest between the months of March and October.

-Sloth Sanctuary:

You can take boat trips on the Estrella River where you can observe a variety of flora and fauna.

-Cocoa Tours:

‍Youcan find sustainable permaculture projects aimed at teaching the process of making artisanal chocolate.

-Reserve Bribri:

‍Itis the largest indigenous group in the country, still preserves its culture and customs. One of the most interesting reserves, open to visitors, is located on the banks of the Yorkín River, on the border with Panama.

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