Your long-awaited trip is approaching, but not before reserving your vehicle!

If you want to live the best travel experience, plan in advance all the details and routes you will take, at Alamo we want to be part of your best moments, therefore, we help you to plan your trip abroad, follow the following recommendations:

 First of all, research about the country's culture, its language, the different places you will visit, the proximity to your place of accommodation and the safety of the surroundings.

Make an itinerary of activities and places to visit, this will help you determine the days you need to visit your destination and know the budget you need for tickets, rental car, lodging, entrance fees and food, as well as an additional budget for emergencies and shopping.

The second step is to look for airline tickets, our recommendation is that you compare prices looking for different days and times of the day/night, this could save you some money that you can use in the trip.

When you have the information gathered, proceed to make the reservations, we recommend you to choose those platforms that offer free cancellation hours before Check-In in case of last minute changes or unforeseen events. Check the entry and vaccination requirements of your destination.

One of the things you can not forget is to be aware of the exchange rate during your trip, try to have money in local currency and take advantage of all the places that offer card payment, the change will be made automatically by your bank. Have a plan for any emergency, a credit card or a good savings will help you to cover unplanned expenses.

When reserving a vehicle to move around your destination, we recommend you to have clear all the information about your reservation, check-in and check-out times, as well as those situations in which you could be charged extra and always have at hand all the contacts through which you can contact the car rental company in case of any emergency.

At Alamo we have presence in USA, Canada, Latin America and Europe, rent with the tranquility and seriousness that we offer you and make your trips a unique experience from the hand of experts!

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