If your plans include discovering every corner of Costa Rica, researching the routes you can take to each destination will help you choose the ideal vehicle to travel comfortably and smoothly to your destinations.

If you already know the places you will visit, what remains to be done is to find the ideal vehicle that will accompany you on your adventures, so it is important to know the characteristics of each vehicle and thus make the best choice.

Here are brief characteristics of each category of vehicles that you can find in our fleet:


This category offers vehicles with 4 doors and trunk, with capacity for 4 or 5 people. These vehicles are ideal for short trips, paved and less demanding roads.

-SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles):

They have ample space for the comfort of its occupants, some of today's SUV's have 4-wheel drive capability so they are more powerful. This category is ideal for long trips and demanding roads.

-Pick Up:

They offer 4-wheel drive, have an open trunk and ample space for everything you need to carry, ideal for complex roads so for your adventure travel is very well suited, it is also considered one of the safest categories.


‍Ifyou are planning a trip with a family group, a van is definitely what you need. These, in addition to having more occupancy, offer ample space for each occupant to travel comfortably.

Now that you know the characteristics of each category of vehicles, take advantage and plan your next adventures with Alamo, we have a wide fleet that adapts to your needs on the road.

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