You may think that a Rent a Car is just a common car rental service, but in reality it is much more than that. Our responsibility as a rent a car is to make you feel comfortable and confident from the first moment of the service.

A rent a car must provide you with a simple procedure, without extensive contracts, requirements and waiting, it must also provide you with transparent information and clarify all your doubts in a simple way so that you can enjoy the experience at all times.

Choose Alamo Rent a Car and enjoy your trip.

Car rental services allow you to easily and economically access the vehicle option that best suits your travel needs. Here are 4 aspects to consider:

Fleet variety 

Although Costa Rica offers a wide variety of places for all tastes, taking into account the types of roads you will travel will help you choose the most suitable vehicle, so you should choose the car rental company that has the largest fleet of vehicles to meet all your needs on the road.

Rental Time

Providing you with the least time possible in the rental process is fundamental, that's why at Alamo we offer you the possibility of renting from the comfort of your home or office and to make a Check-In prior to your reservation, so that you only show up to pick up your vehicle, in order to save more time.


 One of the points you should pay attention to in your contract is the mileage provided by the company and the same mileage with which you must deliver the vehicle, this will prevent you from being surprised by additional charges at the time of returning the vehicle.  

Road safety

 The rent a car companies offer you different insurance options during the contract and the possibility of selecting the one that suits you best. Another safety aspect to consider is to choose the service that offers 24-hour roadside assistance.

Make sure that the car rental company you choose provides you with a variety of means of contact, so that you can communicate with the agents in case of any eventuality, change in the reservation or doubts.

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