Our lush tropical jungle, paradisiacal beaches and mountainous landscapes offer a diversity of tourist experiences. If you have already decided to spend a few days in Costa Rica, plan your clothing and footwear accordingly so you can fully enjoy every corner of the country. Here are some recommendations:

‍1. Lightweight and breathable clothing:

Given our tropical climate, opt for light and breathable clothing. Short sleeve shirts, cool blouses and shorts will be your allies to keep you cool.

2. Comfortable footwear:

Choose comfortable, sturdy walking shoes. If you plan to hike, hiking shoes are essential. For more relaxed days, comfortable sandals will be your ally, especially in coastal areas.

3. Swimsuits:

Include bathing suits in your luggage, even if you don't plan to spend much time at the beach. In many places you can find swimming holes to have a nice time, and many hotels have swimming pools so you can find opportunities to enjoy the water.

4. Clothing for cool climates:

If you plan to visit higher altitude areas, take a light jacket or sweater. Layers are useful for adapting to temperature changes.

5. Clothing for outdoor activities:

If you plan to do outdoor activities such as rafting, canopy or hiking, be sure to bring clothes that can get wet and dry quickly. A raincoat can be useful in the rainy season.

6. Attire for special dinners:

Some restaurants may require more formal attire, so we recommend packing at least one more elegant outfit to enjoy special dinners.

7. Long sleeve shirts and light pants:

To protect yourself from insects and the sun, take some long-sleeved shirts and light pants.

This is especially useful during outdoor activities and in areas where insects are more abundant. In addition to clothing and footwear, here are recommendations for accessories for your protection and comfort:

Lightweight bag:

Pack a small, lightweight bag to enjoy your excursions. Make sure it has enough space to carry water, sunscreen, insect repellent, a small, basic first aid kit and a light sweater.

Sun protection:

Solar radiation can be intense. Pack a wide-brimmed hat or cap, sunglasses and broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays, especially if you will be spending time outdoors.

Insect repellent:

In tropical areas, insect repellent is essential. Opt for a version that offers protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

Prepare yourself properly with the right clothing and footwear, and enjoy Costa Rica with maximum comfort. To move around the country consider renting a car, in Alamo you will find a variety of vehicles that fit the different demands on the road. Browse our website and find the car that best suits your itinerary.

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