Costa Rica offers lush landscapes with a unique vibe, ideal for a romantic getaway. This Valentine's Day, awaken the adventurous spirit of your relationship and enjoy unique moments while exploring the natural treasures of our beautiful country. Here are some romantic date ideas to surprise that special someone.


Sunrise on the beach:

Start the celebration with an early morning trip to the beach, Conchal is an excellent choice. Enjoy a spectacular sunrise on this beach of white shells and soft sand, followed by a relaxing morning stroll.


2. Canopy in Monteverde:

Experience the thrill and closeness of flying together through the cloud forest of Monteverde. The canopy offers not only adrenaline, but also breathtaking views of nature.


3. Sunset in La Fortuna:

With the majestic Arenal Volcano in the background, enjoy a romantic evening at one of the restaurants near the colossus. The combination of good food and amazing scenery creates a unique experience.


4. Relax in the wonderful hot springs:

If you are looking for a relaxing hot springs experience, the region of La Fortuna offers you different options. Enjoy thermal pools surrounded by lush vegetation that create the perfect setting to connect with your partner.


5. Boat ride through the Tortuguero Canals:

Explore the Tortuguero canals by boat and discover the rich biodiversity of the area. Share special moments while navigating through this tropical paradise.


6. Hike in Manuel Antonio National Park:

Enjoying the spectacular scenery of Manuel Antonio National Park is always a great option. Discover hidden beaches, playful monkeys and the natural beauty of this iconic park.


7. Starry night in Montezuma:

Traveling to Montezuma is a plan that never disappoints. Enjoy the tranquility of the night on the beach, under the starry sky and create magical memories.


8. Catamaran at sunset:

Spend a romantic day with a catamaran ride, ideal to enjoy the sunset and the serenity of the sea.


Venture with Alamo and start collecting special moments! Costa Rica offers all travelers an exceptional natural setting to rekindle the connection with your partner.


At Alamo you have excellent options available to move around the country without restriction and surprise that special someone. Follow these ideas and connect with your loved one while exploring the unique beauty of the country this Valentine's Day.

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