Choosing the ideal place to telecommute can be very simple depending on your tastes and preferences, the complex is that the place you choose offers unique qualities during your stay.

Here is some valuable information that will help you consider Costa Rica as your next natural office.

In the past, in Costa Rica a tourist visa was essential for Digital Nomads to perform their work activities remotely, however, nowadays the rules are about to change.

Now a Digital Nomad visa will be offered for 12 months with the possibility of extending it again for the same amount of months. One of the benefits that most appeals to those who wish to work remotely in our country is the exemption in the payment of local taxes and the technological equipment they will use for their daily functions, in addition, people who wish to do so may drive without problems with the driver's license of their country of origin and during their stay may also open bank accounts in local banks.

Get ready with Alamo to be a Digital Nomad.

If you are considering teleworking in our country, you must take into account the following requirements to qualify for a Digital Nomad visa:

  • To have medical insurance.
  • You must work for a company located abroad.
  • Have a minimum income of US$3000 per month. Persons traveling with their families must have a minimum income of US$4000 per month.

What qualities should you take into account when setting up in another country to work remotely?

Needless to say, many Digital Nomads are not only looking for a place to telecommute, but they are also looking to explore, learn and enjoy new places and new experiences.

Fortunately, Costa Rica is among the best countries to work remotely, some of the characteristics that make our country one of the most chosen are the following:

  • Our great political stability.
  • We are a country with low rates of violence.
  • The great variety of tourist sites for all tastes.
  • Our biodiversity and exquisite gastronomy is recognized by tourists.
  • The cost of living is relatively low compared to many developed countries.

At Alamo we want you to always have the best road trip experience, so we offer excellent vehicle options for you to enjoy your stay and discover wonderful places to work remotely.

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