Taking care of you and your family is one of our priorities, that's why we want you to arrive safely to your destinations without any unforeseen events, but what aspects should you consider?

Well, the first thing you should keep in mind when renting a vehicle is to take extreme precautions. Here are some vital tips to avoid surprises on the road.

‍Safety will always come first

Don't forget to wear your seat belt and make sure that all occupants of the vehicle have their safety devices in place. At Alamo we have safety seats so that you can travel with the whole family protected.

Speed limits are respected!

Respect the speed limits and the signs in general, avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages and other substances while driving. Do not forget to keep a prudent distance that allows you to react in time in case of an eventuality.

 Avoid anything that can distract you on the road

There is nothing more important than your safety, so as much as possible avoid checking your phone, answering calls, sending messages, eating, putting on makeup and mainly the peeping tom effect when driving, it only takes a few seconds for a fatality to occur due to the slightest carelessness. If you receive an urgent call, the best thing to do is to stop completely and answer the call.

Take short breaks

When planning long trips, try to get plenty of rest before you hit the road. This will help prevent stress from exhaustion, eyestrain and the possibility of falling asleep. Take breaks so you can refresh your eyesight and stretch for the miles ahead.

Make the most of the trunk

When carrying suitcases, try to arrange them in such a way that they all fit in the trunk and you do not have to carry them with the passengers, remember that in case of an eventuality, they can fall with force and hit the occupants. 

Choose the ideal vehicle for the different trips you plan, at Alamo we have a wide vehicle fleet that adapts to your needs. In addition you have the guarantee of traveling safe and protected with our Clean Commitment.

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